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The online home of one of the most vibrant and versatile speakers clubs in the country. 

What can you expect from a visit to our club? Well, an extremely warm welcome, to start with. Every one of our members will recall clearly the first time they visited a meeting and the mix of emotions as they waited to see what the club was all about. We are an extremely friendly group, from a diverse range of backgrounds, and we go out of our way to make everyone at our meetings feel comfortable.

Secondly, a thoroughly entertaining Agenda with a mix of speaking activities on a wide range of subjects. The content is never the same but, without fail, the evenings prove to be thought-provoking and amusing in equal measure.

Finally, and most importantly, an environment in which every single speaker can practice, develop and improve their public speaking skills with huge amount of support and encouragement. 

In addition to all of this, our home is above an excellent pub in Leamington Spa so refreshments are never far away!

Please browse our site to find out more about us. And then, why not contact us and come and sit in on one of our meetings and see what we’re all about - you’ve got nothing to lose, and potentially lots to gain.

We look forward to meeting you!

Our club is a fun and friendly place, made up of people just like you. Together we can help you conquer your fears of public speaking and achieve your goals.

Whether you want to make a better business presentation, give a speech at a wedding or a birthday, chair a meeting, propose a toast, or say what you mean at work.



Our club is a support group which helps members to develop their public speaking ambitions. Find out more about our members here.



Find out more here about the ten development steps we believe are the key to your speaking success.

About the ASC

The Association of Speakers Clubs exists to improve the art of speaking in public, and to promote, encourage and develop proficiency in the spoken word.


The ASC has its origins in Toastmasters International, an American organisation formed by Ralph C. Smedley in 1904.  The movement spread across the Atlantic in 1935, with the first British branch being formed in Southport.  Development followed quickly throughout Scotland and England until 1971, when the British Clubs decided to form a separate organisation, and the Association of Speakers Clubs was formed.  Since that date, ASC has grown into a national organisation of nearly 200 Clubs throughout the United Kingdom.


The United Kingdom is divided into eight regions which are in turn divided into Areas.  Each Area contains between three and nine Clubs.  The affairs of ASC are governed by decisions of the General Council which meets annually to determine the management and development strategy of the Association.

Each Region, Area and Club has its own management organisation to ensure that Clubs and members receive information, help and the opportunity to develop expertise in preparing speeches, gaining confidence and speaking in public to the best of the personal ability.

They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.
— Carl W. Buechner